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Movie podcast punditry with Justice Pals with obscure cinematic anecdotes

March 13, 2010

A few months back, i appeared on the Justice Pals podcast with Shaun and Eric – a couple of funny dudes who also perform improv comedy and appear in commercials and such. The resulting episode called The Eiger Sanction Special appeared online on October, 7, 2009 and here it is for the historical record. Topics include parenting, obscure movies, odd performances and beery hi-jinks.

Here’s how the Justice Pals describe the episode:

Sometimes the plot synopsis is enough. To share in this episode’s exposition of Clint Eastwood’s classic, The Eiger Sanction, is Dave Thorvald Olsen, of Choogle On! with Uncle Weed and the Canucks Outsider Podcast (as pictured below, far right (bus far right that is, not the guy on the sidewalk)).

Crack a beer, have a laugh and download The Eiger Sanction Special podcast (.mp3)

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