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With Glowing Hearts ~ The True North ~ Strong and Social

February 2, 2010

Over the past 2 years, Andrew, Jon and crew of filmmakers have documented the origins of the True North Media House campaign as my colleagues and I sparked a conversation about the role of social reporting during the Vancouver Olympics in a film called “With Glowing Hearts.”

In all my projects, I extol the importance of recording and contextualizing the changes in the civic landscape in the midst of significant world events and these indie filmakers are demonstrating a stellar example of the role of creative arts in the offering this context.

Along with True North Media House, the With Glowing Hearts crew documented the W2 Woodwards arts project and April Smith and AHA Media.

I encourage everyone which an interest in social change and media r/evolution who  living in, or visiting to, Vancouver to watch this clip about True North Media House as well as the aforementioned clips plus My Vancouver.

Andrew Lavinge sets up the clip thusly:

“The latest webisode highlights the folks at True North Media House, featured are two local social media gurus, Vancouver photographer Kris Krug (@kk on twitter) and his counterpart story maker and social media activist Dave Olson (@uncleweed on twitter)”

These independent filmmakers are self-financed and are asking patrons to “Chip In” with a donation to defray production costs.

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Kris Krug and Dave Olson at Animal Mother Films presents the launch party for With Glowing Hearts, December 2, 2009

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