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Huge Slacker on Miss 604’s Contest

December 16, 2007

The Crazy Canucks on CKNW talkin' bout PodcastingI guess i sorta excluded myself from my friend Miss 604’s contest since i would feel like i was cheating but really she had great prizes – a trip to see the Vancouver Giants, Vancouver’s WHL Junior hockey team and a fun night out (and much thriftier than the Canucks).

The game was the ‘teddy bear toss’ no less which i attended last year and recorded a Canucks Outsider (Festive Night at the Giants – Canucks Outsider #46) and the year before for that matter (Giants Junior Hockey and Coliseum Flashbacks – Canucks Outsider #17).

The other prizes included passes to Mount Seymour which is one of the three lift serviced mountains here on the North Shore. Located on BC Prov Park land, Seymour has many free and cheap-ish activities around too (tobaggoning, hiking, tubing) and a freestyle terrain park for getting all tricky on your snowboard.

Skate for a cureOf course, Miss 604 is true to her altruistic roots with a donation campaign to BC Food Bank along with other causes.

Once i get caught up on another project or two, i gotta figure out what she’s doing with this Skate for a Cure deal whilst planning activities via her Christmas in Vancouver.

What i am saying is, this chick gets it done (and i know yet another cool project she is working on!) and i totally dig her citizen activism about Stanley Park (Stanley Park Tree Planting and the Humbug Hike) and a m very pleased for opportunities to collaborate with her.

$3 dollar cruise on the seabusOther excuses include all the time i spend rocking projects including the effervescent Rebecca and the other renegades we roll with.

In just the last week or two, we:

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