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Bumrush the Charts – Message from IODA’s Corey Perry

March 21, 2007

IODA Promonet is a killer music distribution and promotion service which benefits the audience, podcasters, artist and labels. Corey blogs at Nothing’s Shocking and makes a sweet podcast (a mix tape for her friends).

photo by crazywanda of photo by kk-plussign

She is pimping the Bum Rush the charts project thusly …

The Financial Aid Podcast will bum rush the charts and raise scholarship funding all at once. OnMarch 22, New Media Makers from around the world are being asked topromote and purchase one single track from itunes to prove that analternative media campaign can chart a track on itunes. Please readmore details here …and stay tuned. The bum rush is thursday. the band is Black Lab. The buy links will go up on thursday at midnight.

Photo by Scales of me at Northern Voice pontifying for Promonet

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